If you are a local employer, have you considered the advantages of offering an apprenticeship with the College?


What are the benefits of hiring an apprentice?

Think of it like investing in the future of your business. Your new employee is more likely to be loyal and committed to your company, with a desire to stay with you and progress. You will be able to mold and train them to a high standard and they will grow to know the company inside-out. Our apprentice schemes require compulsory English and maths skills, as well as placing an importance on business skills, providing you with a workforce of well-rounded, committed individuals.


Apprenticeships have also been shown to increase productivity by £214 per week on average, with 78% of employers agreeing that apprentices help to make their workplace more productive. In fact, more than 136,000 workplaces throughout the UK offer Apprenticeships in over 80 different industries because they understand the benefits that apprentices can bring to their business.


What are the benefits to the apprentice?

Apprentices benefit from participating in a structured training programme which gives them the chance to earn while they learn. They will gain insight and skills which they wouldn’t get from sitting in a classroom and build experience in a working environment earlier than most of their peers. This gives them more independence and confidence, as well as the incentive of potentially earning more in the future and progressing quickly in their chosen industry.





Aren’t apprenticeships just for practical industries?

No! It’s not just the traditional manual ‘trades’ on offer now. Apprenticeships now cover over 1,500 job roles. This makes apprenticeships an ideal way to train new and existing employees with industry-specific skills whilst equipping them with a nationally recognised qualification.


I’m interested, what happens now?

To find out more about how Wiltshire College & University Centre can support you to recruit or train an existing employee as an apprentice for your business, please complete the form here or call 0845 345 2235.