Your brand-new alumni network is a vibrant online community dedicated to keeping its members connected and providing opportunities for career development and further learning.

We’d like to invite all our former students, from all campuses and all subject areas, to join us in making this new chapter for the College a success.


Your involvement entitles you to receive access to an exciting package of exclusive benefits including discounts on facilities hire and VIP entry codes for events at the College. We’ll keep you up to date as we add more benefits.

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We also invite you to join our Alumni LinkedIn group, a ready-made professional network of former Wiltshire College students from so many industries and stages of their education and career. Make connections, promote yourself and your talents, ask for advice, start discussions, and get expert career guides.

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Alongside this, our aim is to use the knowledge and expertise of our many talented and successful alumni to help our current students. We’re immensely proud of our learners and we know that you have the power to help each other to achieve big things too.

Want to get involved? There are many ways you can make a difference, both big and small, such as joining our alumni wall, speaking to current students, offering work experience opportunities and much more.

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We can’t do it without you! Please take a few minutes to explore the website, blog, and Linkedin group, and to start engaging with an online community that has the power collectively to make a real difference to its members.